Implantation Bleeding Two Days After Missed Period

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    How can you tell the difference between implantation bleeding and a regular period?
    Okay, I am not sure if I am having implantation bleeding or if it's my regular period. I took a pregnancy test 2 days before my missed period and it was negative. I am bleeding now, and it seems normal, but how can I tell further just to be safe. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Implantation bleeding is usually ver little, almost unnoicable, spots of blood, usually slightly brown because it is "old blood". It definitely wouldn't last longer than a day or two. However, when pregnant, sexual intercourse can irritate the cervix and cause it to bleed because of teh increased blood flow. This still would not be as heavy as a "normal" period, though. Also, implantation bleeding can occur a few days before, or right around the time of a normal period. Go to and search for it for more information.

    How likely is it to have implantation bleeding after a missed period?
    I had my last period in January 18th and ended it in January 23rd. My cycles are always 28 days and I always have a 5 day period. I took like four pregnancy tests last week (all before the 18th) and all were negative. We had unprotected sex a couple times but he never came in me and I didn't think I was near ovulation. On this past Sunday, I was already two days late, he came in me. Like I said I had all negative test before Sunday. I am now one week late and am experiencing light spotting. Light pink at first an then reddish and now dark red/brown. Very light, my periods always start really heavy and I never start this late so I don't know what's going on! This doesn't seem like a period, and I have been having pregnancy symptoms since mid-February, sore breasts, light cramps, nausea, fatigue, constipation, lower back pain, the whole shabang, but like I said, neg on the HPT's. I don't know how I could have ovulated so late to get fertilized a day after my period was supposed to start. Also, today would be 5 days after intercourse so I could be experiencing implantation bleeding and a crazy, whacked out cycle out of no where? No changes in life style, i.e. no weight loss or gain, no changes in diet or exercise, no new meds, no meds at all actually, never been in birth control. I don't see how my cycle could have gotten so messed up out of no where. Am I possibly pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      Its very likely...about a 50 % to have implantation bleeding after a missed period...

    How long after implantation bleeding should you take a home pregnancy test?
    I've recently had a "period" that basically only lasted for about a night and I haven't had one since. I'm pretty sure I might be pregnant because my period has been regular for some time now but I don't want to test too soon. I know implantation bleeding comes 10 to 14 days after fertilization but it happened a few days before my scheduled period was to come. I have an EPT test, but will it work if I became pregnant only two and a half weeks before my missed period?

    • ANSWER:
      I was in the very same position a few weeks ago! I had one light spotting about 12 days after ovulation and I knew I wasn't due for my period for a few more days. From what I've read, implantation bleeding varies in each woman. Some women have only one spot when they wipe, then nothing else, and some women have spotting for a couple days. It should not last more than a couple days, though. So from the sound of your bleeding it could possibly be from implantation.

      As for when to test, many pregnancy tests state that they can detect a pregnancy up to 4 days before your missed period, so it is technically not too early to test! however, I was impatient and tested early and it was negative. I also took a test 2 days after my missed period and it was negative too. Finally, it was positive on the third day! =) So sometimes it takes a little longer to show up! It would probably save you a little money and possible heartache if you waited a few more days!

      Hope this helps! =)

    How long after implantation bleeding can you take a hpt?
    If i think i got implantation bleeding today when can i take a HTP to know if i'm pregnant or not? I just got done with my period two days ago and now i have brown blood.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you still have to wait until a couple days before your missed period whether you get implantation bleeding or not. I personally did not get it and I tested the day before I was supposed to get my period and It showed up VERY DARK and clear that I was pregnant. So I think i could have tested a few days before then and it probably woulda shown up positive.

    Is it possible to have implantation bleeding after my missed period?
    I had asked a question before about my possibility of being pregnant. I had taken several hpts with different asnwers and had no signs of starting my period. Yesterday was my 8th late day until last night. Then I noticed some light pink/orange spotting. Today was a little bit heavier but a brown color. I am still not cramping or showing signs of starting. Since I have already "missed my period" is it possible that this is implantation bleeding and that I am pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      i was wondering the same thing. but for meɗ i haven't had my period cuz i was on birth control until two months ago. i got a positive pregnancy test but i have some bleeding that had occurred after i had taken the test

implantation bleeding two days after missed period