How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy In Urdu

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    how to get a women pregnant easily after marriage ( Urdu reply )?
    Actually i m married in april 2009 but still no child so i want to ask you how the became pregnant fast and easy
    Jalpari thank u very much for send me this email i will surely give this to my wife to follow what u said
    but if you can explain the best position of sex??

    • ANSWER:
      Hi rashida,

      I think urdu reply are not allowed here so i don't want to go against rule, and if u are having trouble in understanding my reply , drop me pm.

      How To Get Pregnant Fast

      When many women decide they’re truly ready for a baby, they joke that they spent so much time trying not to get pregnant in their earlier years, isn’t it ironic now that they’re crossing their fingers for a little bundle of joy?

      If you’re now ready for the baby-making business, you’re probably wondering what’s the quickest route to get there NOW—or is it even possible to get pregnant fast?

      Well, slow down a minute, before you have your mind made up that getting pregnant sooner rather than later will be an impossible chore, let’s consider what will be most helpful to you in achieving the pregnant bliss you seek…

      1- Have An Orgasm
      2- Take Folic Acid & Pre-Pregnancy Care Seriously
      3- Know Your Cycle and When You Ovulate
      4- Decrease and Manage Stress in Your Life
      5- Know The Odds of Getting Pregnant Fast (but don’t be ruled by them)
      6- Take Your Temperature to Determine Ovulation
      7- Keep Your Vagina Sperm-Friendly
      8- Practice the Best Sexual Position for Getting Pregnant
      9- Curb Your Enthusiasm for Excessive Exercise
      10- Get Close to Your Ideal Weight

how to get pregnant fast and easy in urdu