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    Do female hormone pills help you get pregnant?
    I would like to know if female hormone pills will help me get pregnant.

    • ANSWER:

    Can I get pregnant if I skip my period but then forget to take a hormone pill?
    I asked a similar question earlier but I am now a little more curious.
    For example, my sugar pills start on a Saturday. If I were to skip my period, and take the hormone pills on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but then forget Tuesday and Wednesday, would my period just start cos it was the week it was supposed to start? And say if I had unprotected sex on say Tuesday, is pregnancy possible? Or would my period just start and remove the chance of getting pregnant?
    I know it sounds complicated and well thought out but I'm just wondering.
    Also, I don't want any suggestions on methods to prevent this, I just want to know if it is possible.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can get pregnant if you skip your period but then forget to take a hormone pill

    How do you know of your pregnant while taking birth control ?
    Hmmm I started late with only 3 days to have my so called period this month. I just realized right now (this being day 2, being on pill 5) that I'm really not bleeding how I would on other so called period days. I'm not worried because I don't think I can be pregnant but life works in weird ways. Yesterday being the first day I started, I barley bled. Like I only had to change twice because there was no blood the second time. If I have sex while on my period, can I get pregnant since there not hormone pills?
    @Lovestruck911 : thank you . I know but I mean even if I got my period and it wasn't like I normally get it?

    • ANSWER:
      You can get pregnant at any time. However there are certain times throughout a cycle that are more difficult to conceive then others. You would know if you are pregnant while on bc the same way as if you were not. You may have early pregnancy symptoms and should take a test if you are unsure.

hormone pills to help get pregnant