4 Days Past Ovulation Symptoms

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    How many days past ovulation did you start feeling pregnancy symptoms...?
    and what were they? My husband and I are ttc and I am only about 4-5 days past ovulation and am not sure when I should begin having symptoms (if I am pregnant). Just curious about other's experiences. Thanks for all the serious answers.
    This all might just be wishful thinking. I'm not really having any symptoms except (and this may have nothing to do with pregnancy) feeling a little queasy (sp?). It comes and goes. Most of the time I just feel as though I have a knot in the back of my throat...like I could throw up, but I'm not running to the bathroom to do so. But maybe I'm just anxious. I'm just wanting to rush things along so I don't have to wait the normal amount of time it takes to find our if you're pregnant...I know I should just be patient and let things happen, but it's hard.
    And I've also been a lot hungrier than usual and urinating more frequently, but sometimes I feel like this is all in my head.

    • ANSWER:
      Generally, most people don't start feeling real pregnancy symptoms until they're ~6 weeks pregnant. Only symptoms you'll feel at this point is PMS and you can't tell if you're pregnant or not from that.
      First real sign is a missed period. Sorry.

    Do you have cramping a few days AFTER ovulation?
    My husband and I are trying to conceive.

    From 1 day past ovulation (dpo) to 3 dpo I had no cramping.

    4 days past ovulation I started getting cramps, the next day (5 dpo) the cramps were intense and then on the 6th day after ovulation (6 dpo) the cramps disappeared.

    I am now on 8 dpo and have still no cramping and no PMS symptoms other than tender breasts and nipples that feel raw. My abdomen is sore when I push on it too.

    Do you have cramping a few days AFTER ovulation?

    If you do, does it disappear after a day or two?

    Is this normal PMS?

    This is weird!

    • ANSWER:
      yes u can. When I got pregnant, I also got cramps after ovulation, but different ones to normal, sort of weaker, not as sharp and they went on for a couple of days. I really hope u are and Ill keep fingers AND toes crossed for you!

    How long does it take to start getting pregnancy symptoms?
    I'm 4 DPO (days past ovulation). How many days DPO do you start getting symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      3 WEEKS

4 days past ovulation symptoms