15 Days After Iui Negative Pregnancy Test

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    When should AF come after an HcG injection and IUI?
    I took Clomid (100) on days 5-9. I had a mature follicle on day 12 and had the HcG injection. I then had IUI done on day 13. I am now 16 days past HcG injection and 15 days past IUI. I took a home pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. When should I receive my AF or could I have tested too early?

    • ANSWER:
      That happened to me too and I was just hoping that the test was a false negative. But my RE said no, it would show positive 2 weeks after the IUI if I were indeed pregnant. I ended up getting my period 3 days later (17 days after IUI). =(

    What does it mean if my hormone levels drop off within two weeks after IUI?
    I've been trying to concieve now for over two years and recently started going to a fertility clinic, and they have me on Clomid and I've now had 3 failed IUI artificial insemniation procedures.

    The last two times my hormone levels have been good when they tested them a week after the procedure, one at like 32 and the next at like 15... but both times about a week later I get a negative pregnancy test result and my hormone levels have dropped back down again...

    Does this mean I will never be able to carry a baby? It seems like Im getting pregnant but that my body is just not able to properly let the fetus develop and it just keep rejecting it.

    Im terrified that Im never going to ever get to be a mom and have my own children, and that my husband will reject me in favor of a younger wife who he can still have children with!

    What can I do?!

    • ANSWER:
      It not that you are not getting pregnant and then losing it. You are not getting pregnant at all.

      The hormone being tested is progestorone. After ovulation, it rises sharply and peaks at about cycle day 7, at it stays at that level for about a week. This is the normal pattern whether you are pregnant or not. It happens each and every cycle. If the progesterone level crashes, that means that conception did not occur and your period is triggered.

      Your progesterone levels indicate that you are ovulating, but for some reason you just didn't catch the egg. Most normal couples with no fertility issues only have a 20-25% chance of conceiving each cycle, so the odds are stacked against us.

      Its just going to take some time. There are no guarantees. Just because you ovulate doesn't mean you *will* conceive that month. It is very normal for it to take 6-8 months, even for normal couples, to finally conceive.

      Hang in there. Good luck!

    has anyone done an IUI, taken Progesterone, been late and still Negative?
    I am three days late. I already have a 34 day cycle. I am suppose to take pregnancy test tomorrow but took it this am to see. It was negative. It has been 13 days since Ovulated and IUI. If neg. tom. I stop taking Progesterone. I have a feeling it won't change in 1 day. I wanted to know if maybe this is causing me to be late. Has anyone been through this before?
    Does anyone know how much an IVF costs?

    • ANSWER:
      It is never truly over until AF shows . . . but since progesterone supports the uterine lining, it can make your period late. If you are not pregnant, once you go off of it . . . you will get your period within a few days.

      Hope that you get your BFP and that the home test was not sensitive enough!

      Good luck!

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15 days after iui negative pregnancy test