16 thoughts on “How Do You Get Pregnant On Imvu

  1. Can I get pregnant through the internet?
    I had virtual sex with many virtual men over IMVU and they didn’t use a virtual condom. I was just wondering whether or not that could lead to me becoming pregnant in real life because they didn’t use a virtual condom. What do?
    I’m geekin’ my balls off.

  2. How do you have babies on imvu?
    How do you have babies on imvu, when you buy them will they look like you are will they look like the way you bought them?

    • You can get extended stomachs from the IMVU Catalog, and they make it look like your avatar is pregnant, and then you can buy a baby from the Catalog, its probably under pets or accessories, and you’ll hold the baby like a real one.

      That’s the best I can tell you.

  3. When you buy a baby in the catalog in imvu, does it go in her stomach or just appear?
    hey guys! I am new on imvu, and i know this is a stupid question! but please answer because im just wondering ive seen some youtube videos and the girls looked pregnant but im wondering if that actually happens or if they just edited it to look like that.No mean comments please.

  4. Is there a world where you can give birth besides imvu and second life?
    I am looking for a world where you can give birth besides imvu , second life and sims. I am 37 weeks pregnant and i need an experience. Plus it needs to be so i cam see my character give birth. Please Answer!

  5. Is there a virtual game like the sims that i can download?
    ive tried second life and imvu
    i want to beagble to get pregnat,give birth,raise a child a family like sims,but i can download it on my computer

    • You can get pregnant, give birth, have a family, adopt, get married whatever in Second Life…why on Earth anyone would want to do that, I do not know, but whatever.

      As far as a non-interactive local game, I really do not know of any other than the Sims franchise.

  6. Are there any virtual reality websites out there that you don’t have to download or pay for?
    ive been searching for the past 12 hours for a game i can play that’s like the game second life but i don’t have to pay or download to get it. A game where i could maybe have my avatar get pregnant have a job get a boyfriend and junk like that. I already know about IMVU Meez gaia. Please dont tell me something like pixi hollow or club penguin.

  7. What is a game I can downlaod that is like the sims?
    Im looking for a free game i can download that is similar to the sims. (if theres any out there) Where you can make the woman fall pregnant. Im looking for games where you can produce babies. Thankyou

    • hi just get sims lol! thats the best game like that you’re gunna find. IMVU is quite similar, you have girls, boys u know but i don’t think you can have kids. theres also habbo.com , supplegame.com i dont know if theres alot of family type games out there sorry.

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