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  1. What are some names that have….?
    What are some names that have a meaning to do with nature?

    All names are helpful


    • Amaya
      A beautiful Japanese name, meaning “night rain.” This name also happens to be the surname of one of Spain’s most famous flamenco dancers, Carmen Amaya. And for those web-watchers – it is also the name of a web browser and editor.

      Short and sweet, Bryn is a Welsh name meaning “hill” or “from the hills.” Bryn disappeared from the rankings in 2005 – but add another “n” and Brynn comes in at 349.

      Chandra has worked her way slowly into, and then out of, the top 1000 ranked names. Of Indian origin, and with a variant Candra, this name means “moon.” Chandra is also the name of NASA’s x-ray observatory launched from the space shuttle Columbia in 1999.

      Cari appeared in the top 1000 baby names between 1959 and 1990. The Turkish meaning of this name is “flowing like water” – or, depending on your viewpoint, “love” – from the Welsh word caru.

      Esta reached a high point at number 521 in 1908 in the US, before disappearing from the rankings in 1940. A Persian name, meaning “star” and a variant of Esther.

      This Native American name means “snow.”

      Marissa refers to the sea, and is currently at number 133 in the baby name rankings.

      Originally a Welsh name, again with connections to the sea. The meaning of names can vary according to different sources, and some translate this name as “sea shore”, others as “white sea.” Some genealogy sources believe the surname means “born by the sea.” This is both a boys’ and a girls’ name – but currently much more popular for girls, ranked at 43.

      The meaning of names inspires their use in other areas too; Morgan is the name of a beautiful breed of horse, as well as a brand of classic car. Start saving now!

      A French name meaning “little rock” and found in the town name of La Rochelle.

      Shakespeare believed that this Latin name meaning “sea dew” was “for remembrance” – and rosemary is indeed believed to aid memory. It is also used, with the poppy, as a symbol to remember those who are lost in conflict. The meaning of this name is wonderfully rich, combining two other names with other associations in addition to its marine and herbal connections.

      Of Hindi origin, “moon”, and connected to the Greek name Selina, a goddess of the moon. Some sources give credit to a Latin origin meaning “salt.”

      Baby name book and internet research told me this is an American Indian name meaning “running waters” or “leaping waters.”

      However, a reader writes that this meaning is incorrect – and that Tallulah is in fact the Hitchiti (Creek) Indian word for “town.”

      There is a mother nature – and celebrity – connection with the name, however – as my reader tells us:

      “A 100 years ago, Tallulah Falls in the Georgia Mountains was a popular honeymoon location. Female babies conceived there were often named after the falls.

      It became an especially popular name after Tallulah Bankhead (from Alabama) became a movie star.”

      As an Irish name, Tara means a “rocky hill” or “high hill” and is connected with the seat of ancient Irish kings. It is also a Hindi name meaning “star.”

      In the top 100 US rankings since 1968, Aaron has done well. A Hebrew name, meaning “mountain.”

      This Persian nature name means “sun.” Cyrus the Great is famed for writing what is considered to be the first ever charter of human rights.

      A name of Latin origin, meaning “from the sea,” Delmar hasn’t been seen in the top 1000 rankings since 1975.

      A Scottish name meaning “dark water,” Douglas enjoyed a top 100 ranking from 1929 to 1989, and is still a popular name.

      Another of the marine names, this time from Wales, meaning either “of the sea” or “of the waves.” Dylan has stormed up the US rankings since 1966 – now settling in at 29th position.

      Apart from being a scale of temperature, Kelvin is a Scottish name that refers to a “small stream.” Has been in the top 600 names since 1950.

      A right royal name this, of Old English origin meaning “from the king’s meadow.”

      Lawrence spent nearly fifty years, from 1905 to 1954, hovering between 30th and 39th rank in the US top 100. He now ranks 392 in the United States. A Latin name referring to laurel, or being “crowned with laurel.”

      Another Scottish name, possibly referring to an area “where elm trees grow.” Sources for Lennox as a surname state that the origin is a Gaelic word, levenach, meaning “smooth stream.” As one of the clans of Loch Lomond, there is even a tartan associated with the name.

      In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo’s family name is Montague. A French name, meaning “pointed hill”, this name has a very noble sound, complemented by a practical short form of “Monty.”

      The source of this name is taken to be either Gaelic, meaning “cloud” or “leader,” or a Sanskrit word meaning “blue.” Take your pick – as this name has featured in the top 1000 US b

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