Symptoms Of Pregnancy In Hindi

Pregnancy is a state in which a woman carries a fertilized egg inside her body. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the duration of the normal delivery of the baby which is between in 37 and 42 weeks. There are several pregnancy symptoms available that can easily be identified. Moreover, India is a Hindi speaking country therefore large number of magazines, tabloids and newspapers contain articles describing pregnancy symptoms in Hindi so that they could be well understood by one and all.

There are numerous pregnancy symptoms which are as follows:
1. Missed period: This is the most common way of knowing that whether a woman is pregnant or not. However, when women missed her menstruation period, it is the first sign of pregnancy.
2. Breast swelling and tenderness: Breasts will become tender and some swelling also would be seen.
3. Frequent urination: Due to the production of hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) you will experience need for frequent urination.
4. Fatigue: It is not as effective symptom as others, but could give the indication of pregnancy. Due to the increased level of the hormone, progesterone, you may feel tired and exhausted.
5. Sickness and heart burn: Pregnant women feel fatigue and experience the nausea in early morning and also feel the heartburn.
6. Food cravings: It is another symptom of the pregnancy as women start liking particular kind of foods such as sour pickles and etc.
7. Cramping: Pregnant women may have cramping problem after the 8-9 days of the ovulation.
8. Abdomen Pain: There is certain pain in the lower abdomen area. It is natural pain and will be gone after the time. Women don't have to worry about this pain as it is natural pain and will be vanished with passing time.
9. Darkening of areolas: Just after the conception of the baby started, the area around the nipple would start becoming darker and tender. It is the consequences of the hormone imbalance. It is one of the most effective pregnancy symptoms.
10. Weight gain: Usually, each woman doesn't want to undergo this situation but they have to. Weight gain is another important symptom of the pregnancy.

With these pregnancy symptoms kept in mind one can easily make it a comfortable journey of her life. Also the pregnancy symptoms in Hindi published in magazines and newspapers are helping a lot in the cause of betterment and well being of Indian women.

symptoms of pregnancy in hindi

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    1) John Stamos
    2) Kelly Bundy
    3) The nightly barrage of “Where can I download Hindi movies for free” questions?

    • Actually, I think it’s none of the above. So, can I answer:
      4) What are the symptoms of pregnancy?
      5) What is the capital of Australia? (or some other easily found answer with any search engine.)
      6) Why are aways doing ?

    • Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman, however, if you are sexually active and get one of these signs, it is best to go and get a quick check (cost 150 Rs in any chemist/drug-store)

      + a delayed or missed menstrual cycle.
      + Spot Bleeding after about 6-12 days of conception
      + Fatigue
      + Swollen Breasts. They may feel a little painful to touch
      + Morning Sickness (those of you who have watched Hindi movies, this is one most tell-tell sign… that can also help others to find out about your pregnancy
      + Lower Backaches
      + Headaches
      + Frequent Urination:
      + Darkening of Areolas:
      + Food Cravings:
      + Incresed sex-drive

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