7 thoughts on “My Tubes Are Tied But My Period Is Late

  1. Would having your tubes tied cause an inaccurate pregnancy test?
    I’m just wondering because I had my tubes tied 18 months ago and my period is almost 2 weeks late this month, which is very abnormal for me. My periods are never late! Anywho, I want to take a test and find out what’s going on. Is it still going to be accurate or should I see my GYN and get a blood test? Thanks for any help.

    • No it should not effect the test, because the test works by detecting the pregnancy hormone HCG. Having your tubes tied can fail and you could get pregnant, but the risk of ectopic is higher than normal so see your ob/GYN if the test is positive.

  2. Is tube tying and burning reversible and is there a chance of getting pregnant after procedure?
    My bestfriend had her tubes tied at the same time she had her baby>I have heard that when you do this there is a chance of the procedure coming undone because of the swelling of the tubes,she’s also not sure if her tubes were burnt and now she has a late period and symptoms of pregnetcy.I sthis possible?

    • I assure you not only is it possible to undo the procedure, but you have every possibility of getting pregnant. Where do people come up with this nonsense. My aunt had 3 children, decided she didn’t want more children, and had the tubal ligation done. Both cut and cauterized. She raised her 3 children and was in the process of moving the last 2 out of the house, when she awoke every morning with the tale tale signs of morning sickness. Much to her surprise, she was pregnant, and none to happy about it. She wanted to sue the doctoe that had done the tubal on her, but unfortunately, even then they made you sign a clause not holding the doctor responsible if by chance you did become pregnant. Is it possible? Oh yeah.

  3. What causes a period to be late with tubes tied?
    I had a tubal ligation 18 months ago and am now late on my period, negative pregnancy test. I’ve been eating a lot and bloating but still no period! i spotted a tiny bit about 2 weeks before my pissed period.
    What causes you to miss a period with tubes tied or should i see a dr

  4. Can it be possible to get pregnant when your tubes are tied?
    Ive been feeling sick for the past 2 wks. I have been throwing, dizzy, and my breast been sore. I had my tubes tied 3yrs ago. My period has been late about 2wks, but I got it today very light bleeding. I just want to know is it possible that I can be pregnant.

    • Yes, you can get pregnant after a tubal ligation. It is unlikely, but NOT impossible. The body views the procedure as an injury and tries to heal itself- and is sometimes successful in doing so.

      If you do suspect you are pregnant, you should see your doctor immediately because you are at an increased risk for an ectopic pregnancy, which could be fatal to both the baby and you.

      Take a test- they are still effective.

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