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  1. How do you know the difference between a miscarriage, chemical pregnancy, or just plain late period?
    I took a pregnancy test 1 day after my missed period – negative.
    My period ended up showing up 3 days later with cramps (nothing bad, just normal period cramps).
    How do I know if I had a chemical pregnancy, miscarriage, or simply a late period?

    If you have a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage only a few days after your missed period, is there a need to wait until trying to get pregnant again?

    • If it were a pregnancy.. it would have shown a positive. Even if you were in the process of a miscarriage. Because it takes awhile for the hormones to go back down.

  2. How soon after miscarriage can you get pregnant?
    I’m a little confused. I had a “missed miscarriage” at 12 weeks. 3 weeks later I had a d&c. A week after that I took a pregnancy test and it said negative… So I’m assuming that means my hormones went back to normal. Well…. 10 days after u had the d&c I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. It was only once and he pulled out. But I’m a little confused as to whether I could have gotten pregnant at that time or not????? I mean do I go by when I had the d&c or miscarriage? Thanks

    • First off, I’m so sorry for your miscarriage. I lost my little girl at 8 weeks, 2 days. It is terrible and tramautizing!

      The D&C starts your day one of your next cycle. Most likely, you bleed for several days after. I bleed for 8 days after mine and then spotted for 11 days off and on afterwards.

      Your body was adjusting the the depleting of hormones and most likely, you did not ovulate that quickly afterwards.

      I suggest you join Fertilityfriend.com and start charting by taking your morning BBT temperature. You can better check when your period is due or when you will ovulate.

  3. Could a bacterial vaginosis infection affect the outcome of a pregnancy test?
    I am now treating a bacterial infection…& I really think that I am pregnant, but I keep testing negative on home pregnancy test. I have missed a period and I am experiencing the common symptoms.
    I was wondering if anyone knew what could be the problem? Thanks so much.

    • no. it won’t. I got a positive and i had this infection. Make sure you get that treated fully though as it is related to miscarriages and i believe that its what caused mine..

  4. Is it possible to be pregnant two months and your pregnancy test stil come back negative?
    I’ve missed my cycle for two months but I’ve hav 6 negative pregnancy test. I am going to the doctor but I was curious to know if someone else had any insight.

    • Yes it is possible. Some people have low HCG levels. But in your case I found some stuff that may suggest your not pregnant. hCG can first be detected by a normal blood test about 11 days after conception and about 12 – 14 days by a urine test. In general the hCG level will double every 72 hours. If you are pregnant: Low hCG levels may indicate a miscalculated date of conception, an ectopic pregnancy, or a possible miscarriage. However, a perfectly healthy pregnancy may have low hCG levels.

  5. I am 3wks pregnant, and I think I had a miscarriage. How long after will a pregnancy test show negative?
    I started bleeding, and passed some clots, including a fairly big one. I couldn’t tell if there was tissue in it or not. I have lower abdominal and back pain, but the bleeding is light now. I took a pregnancy test, and it still showed positive, but how long after does it show negative, if I did actually have a miscarriage? Please let me know.

    • at 4weeks pregnant is when you miss your period so thats when most people find out they are pregnant unless they go to the doctor. pregnancy goes by the first day of your last period. thats how doctors determine it so at 2 weeks pregnant is acctually conception. unless you are going to the doctor and getting blood tests you would not know you are pregnant at 3 weeks so you are probably 5 weeks not 3. it can take a week to 4 weeks for the tests to come back negative after a miscarraige. you need to go to the doctor no matter what because if you indeed had one they need to make sure you passed it all, if not they will have to do a d&c. if you dont go to the doctor you risk infection and infertility in the future if you have not passed it all. usually with a miscarraige though, you bleed for a week heavy bleeding to medium with lots and lots of harsh cramps that are worse than normal menstral cramps. Hopefully tou did not have one but you should go to the er and get checked with vaginal ultrasound. good luck.

  6. Is it possible to be pregnant even when the pregnancy test was negative?
    Last month I missed my period and my boyfriend and I had sex a few weeks before that so I thought that I could be pregnant. The pregnancy test said negative but I missed my period this month too. My doctor said I had a miscarriage but is it possible that it was a misdiagnosis and that I could still be pregnant?

    my symptoms:
    stomach pain/ cramps
    stomache harder than usual?
    back aches
    stomach larger?

    • Yes ask for an ultrasound. If you miscarried you would know. A miscarriage involves bleeding heavier than your period with clots the size of a lemon and cramps so bad you can’t do anything until they pass. In rare cases pregnancy doesn’t show in blood or urine and an ultrasound is needed.

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