3 thoughts on “Fertility Spells For Twins

  1. What kind of fertility suPplement increases your chance of getting pregnant ?
    Am ttc twins and have heard from a couple of people and internet researching that fertility supplements increase your chances
    Anyone know of good supplements

    • Twins really do happen by luck. Soy isoflavones (spelling may be wrong), evening primrose oil and maca root are all said to help with ovulation and conception. but Highly recommend asking a Dr. or natropathic Dr. before you try anything.

  2. I am wiccan I am looking for a fertility Ritual are there any Wiccan’s out there that can help me PLEASE?
    Our coven woul like to preform a fertility ritual to help a friend, She and her husbund would like to have a baby. I am not looking for any Christine methods.

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