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    • I”ve had two ectopic pregnancy so there are no chances for me ever getting pregnant naturally because one of my tubes had to be cut and the other tied.

      But don’t worry, my cause is very rare …it doesn’t happen very often. Your chances of having a normal pregnancy are excellent, but your chances of having another ectopic pregnancy have also increased. An ectopic pregnancy — one that’s developing outside the uterus — is diagnosed in about one in every 100 pregnancies. More than 95% develop in the fallopian tube, but these pregnancies can also occur in an ovary, the cervix, or even the abdomen. Risk factors for them include a previous ectopic pregnancy; tubal surgery such as tubal ligation or sterilization reversal; a past tubal infection; use of an intrauterine device (IUD); use of the “morning-after” pill; use of the progesterone-only or “mini” pill; and fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization and gamete intrafallopian transfer.

      Ectopic pregnancy has traditionally been treated with surgery, which may involve removing the fallopian tube or removing the embryo. Nonsurgical treatment can be used in cases where the ectopic pregnancy is early and hasn’t ruptured. It involves the injection of a chemotherapeutic medication, methotrexate, which halts the pregnancy’s development.

      In general, after one ectopic pregnancy your chances of having a future pregnancy that is in the uterus are about 60-70%. But women with a history of ectopic pregnancy often have difficulty getting pregnant again, and as many as 20-30% of them end up being infertile, especially if they have any of the risk factors noted above. Your risk of having another ectopic pregnancy is much higher once you’ve had the first; as many as one in 10 women will have a second ectopic pregnancy. The increased risk is probably about the same whether your ectopic was treated with surgery or medication, though it’s too early to have much data on this.

      Because the risk of a second ectopic pregnancy is so high, you should take precautions when you get pregnant again. If you miss a period and might be pregnant, let your doctor know right away. The first step is to find out if you are pregnant and where the pregnancy is located. This may be difficult early in the pregnancy, so be aware of the early signs of an ectopic pregnancy, such as pain and vaginal bleeding or spotting.

      With your history, your doctor may assume you’re having another ectopic pregnancy until an intrauterine pregnancy can be clearly seen on ultrasound. Your doctor will examine you, do a transvaginal ultrasound, and draw your blood for an hCG level if a pregnancy is not yet visible. When the hCG rises above 2,000 mIU/mL, your doctor should be able to see an intrauterine pregnancy; the same is true around 28 days after you last ovulated (about six weeks after your last period). Sometimes an additional blood sample for hCG level is taken 48 hours after the first and compared with the first level. An hCG level that increases but is less than double the previous one is considered abnormal and suspicious of an ectopic pregnancy.

      Otherwise, your doctor will prescribe additional observation and testing. Once the pregnancy is confirmed to be inside the uterus, there’s usually no further need for concern about an ectopic pregnancy

      I know the pain of trying to have a child and the pain of having had an ectopic pregnancy and from the bottom of my heart I truly wish you the best. And i am sure you’ll get pregnant soon because anyone I have spoken to that is trying to get pregnant for some reason gets pregnant without two months………I swear to you…you’ll see.

  1. do orgasims icrease in fluid when you are early in the pregnacy?
    i had my tubes tied and cut.but im feeling like i my be pregnant.dizzy food smells make me queezy and thins smell and taste diffrent.and my bowels feel like have to go but the feeling passes.i havnt missed my next period but its only a week away.please help or is it all in my head?
    its been 11 yrs.

    • You didn’t mention how long it’s been since you’ve tied your tubes but to answer regarding increase in fluid during pregnancy (also noticable after orgasm,) the answer is yes. This does not mean that you are pregnant, though. There are many other reasons why you’re experiencing this. You could be ovulating, dehydrated, could have an infection that is just beginning to show its signs, etc.
      I would suggest talking to your doctor if you’re sincerely concerned and if there are any other symptoms (change in the color of the discharge or in its consistency or smell, any pain, etc.) There could also be an increase because your tubes are tied but because I’m not exactly sure of this, so I’d ask doc about that one.
      It could be something else altogether as far as feeling faint, etc. _ Matter of fact, I jsut re-read what you wrote and I really think you should discuss these symptoms with your doctor – s/he is the only one that can really tell what’s going on in your body and whether or not any of this is normal – doc needs to know.
      Good luck, luv..

  2. I’m on my period but is pregnancy still possible?
    I was 5 days late… Started my period at day 6… I have my tubes tied. It’s normal. Heavy as usual. Cramping and all. But I’ve been burping so much and feeling really nauseous for the past week to week an a half. I feel like my stomach is burning all the way up to my esophagus. And my nausea goes away with the burp.
    Everytime I google it always says “early signs of pregnancy”
    An I’m like “sense when did burping become a pregnancy symptom. Then I thought.. Oh gas. I took a pregnancy test yesterday with first morning pee, it was negative.. Anyone have any idea what it could be?! Remember I HVE MY TUBES TIED AN IM BLEEDING NORMALLY AND CRAMPING LIKE I ALWAYS DO. It’s just different because all of a sudden this belching and burning and nauseousness. It’s odd.

    • No you aren’t pregnant. When you get a tubal done it is VERY effective. Maybe you just caught something. Especially is you are bleeding heavy. Spotting wont even fill a pad or tampon.

  3. Is it possible to have early signs of pregnancy before 1st period.?
    I have had 3 other kids. My period is due friday. I feel so sick, for no reason, have vomited 4 times today, breasts r sore. Irritable, and have had to pee so bad for the past 4 days. I threw up smelling banana peppers when I opened up the can.I thought I couldnt get pregnant because tubes tied, but I know they can come undone. Last time I started getting sick around 7 weeks pregnant.

    • Well it’s either that or your period is coming on top of having a virus which might not be a fun mix and make you feel that bad.

  4. What are early signs of pregnancy after having your tubes tied?
    i am having some symptoms of a normal pregnancy but i had my tubes tied

    • They would be the same as any other pregnancy.

      Sore breasts
      Missed period
      pregnancy sickness
      positive hpt
      yadda yadda

      Good luck!

      • That’s what I’m havin I haven’t had a cycle since Halloween 2013… and still havent seen it and took a hptest and my results was positive but I went to the dr and they did a blood test and it said neg.. also my tubes been tied for 3yrs.. am I pregnant or could b..

  5. how can you tell if your having a tubal pregnancy?
    I dont think that Im having one I just got my tubes tied and its a fear I guess, Im married with 4 kids and Im more courious on what are some signs and if anyone has had one after having their tubes tied?

    • A missed period, followed by early pregnancy symptoms (sore breasts, nausea, ect)
      However, over 50 percent of women have no symptoms until rupture occurs. Following rupture of the tube, you will experience severe pain and massive bleeding. Lightheadedness or dizziness may occur first, followed by a drop in blood pressure, fainting, and shock, which can progress to death.
      Sometimes, the embryo is expelled by the fallopian tube before rupture occurs. This is called a “tubal abortion.”
      Just keep on top of any missed periods and watch yourself carefully for early pregnancy signs, and you should be okay. And of course, if you miss a period then start having severe pain, go to the emergency room asap and tell them you think you might have a tubal pregnancy.

  6. does having a <2 miu/ml mean i am having an early pregnancy?
    i have been having pregnancy symptoms and i have had my tubes tied. but i got a blood pregnacy test done two days ago and it says <2 miu/ml does this mean its an early sign of pregnacy or does it mean i am not pregnant. i have had three kids and i am kinda worried. never had this happen before.

    • It’s normal for a woman to have 5 or less in her blood. It depends on where she is in her cycle regardless of tubes tied or not.

  7. Why do my nipples feel sore and burning?
    That’s basically it. I woke up today, and since then, my nipple pain has been increasing. They have hurt before, but from too much… intimacy, and then they only hurt when I touched them. Now they hurt and burn, and nothing is touching them.

    Any idea what could be causing this, or any idea how to dull the pain?

    • Causes

      One of the most sensitive organs in a woman’s body are the breasts. They are not only sensitive to external injury, but also to hormonal upheaval in the body. There are many biological processes occurring in a woman’s body at different stages of her life. We shall concentrate on this process and understand the sore nipple causes.

      During Ovulation
      As I have already mentioned in the opening lines of this write-up, a woman’s body is a biological marvel. After reaching puberty, a girl begins to get regular periods. This menstrual cycle occurs till the egg is not fertilized and leads to pregnancy. The process of release of the egg into the fallopian tube from the ovary is known as ovulation. The body tends to give out various signs to indicate it will start ovulating. Of these many signs is sore nipples. The breasts become tender and the nipples feel tender to touch. The condition occur after about 2 weeks of ovulation and in some cases indicates pregnancy in a sexually active woman.

      During Pregnancy
      Again I repeat, the biological marvel tends to send many signals to a woman indicating changes occurring within her. When a woman conceives, her body begins to make plenty of changes to accommodate a growing fetus. The hormonal rush due to pregnancy, causes an increase in blood flow to the breast tissues. This causes the breast and nipples to swell, feel tingly, become extremely sensitive to touch and feel sore. These sensations are similar to the ones experienced during the menstruation cycle and ovulation. The only difference is the feeling is heightened and more prominent. Tender breasts are one of the early signs of pregnancy experienced around 4 to 6 weeks after conceiving. This condition may last way through the first trimester in many women. The treatment in this case is to use supportive bras like maternity bras. You can even try application of a cold compress to relieve the discomfort to some extent.

      Due to Breastfeeding
      Sore nipples due to breastfeeding is the most common complaint of new mothers. There are plenty of causes that lead to your nipple becoming sore during breastfeeding a baby. These causes include the baby having difficulty getting a hold on your nipple. This causes the baby to keep sucking and pulling to hold on to it in the mouth. This continuous pulling causes your nipples to become sore. You need to help your baby get the nipple correctly in the mouth and feed. If your nipples are cracked or bleeding, apply a purified lanolin ointment over it. Make sure you clean your nipples before feeding your baby.

      Another cause may be a tongue-tied baby. The baby’s tongue may be attached to the lower part of the mouth and thus has problems getting a hold on the nipples. This makes the baby unable to draw droughts of milk and keep pulling at your breasts. In this case, you need to visit a doctor and get your baby examined. The doctor may advise a simple procedure that helps treat a tongue-tied condition.

      Thrush may also cause your breastfeeding nipples to turn sore. It is important you seek immediate treatment for thrush as it can spread to your baby. In some cases, dermatitis can also lead to inflammation and itchy nipples. You need to apply creams or lotions to reduce the soreness. Many women do not realize, but a bad fitting bra can also cause this condition. Too much pressure is applied on the nipples causing them to become painful and sensitive to touch. A change in bra size may prove to be useful as pregnancy causes a change in breast size. And lastly, a teething baby can cause your nipples to become sore. The gums in a baby’s mouth become hard and tiny teeth appearing may help the baby bite your breast harder.

      Other Causes
      Apart from the above three, there can be other causes. Women on birth control pills can develop this condition. These pills contain hormones that cause sore breasts. Sometimes, some detergent remaining in your bra can cause the nipples to get irritated and become sore. A hormonal imbalance due to stress and emotional disturbance can lead to this condition. Apart from that rough foreplay with your partner can also lead to sore nipples.

  8. What Can Make Your Period Late, Besides Pregnancy?
    My period is now 11 days late. I had my tubes tied last summer, so I doubt I am pregnant. I did take two pregancy tests just for peace of mind, got negative both times. I am 39, have always had regular periods, have had no signs of beginning menopause at all, nor have I been under any undue stress or emotional trauma that can cause period delay. I have an appointment to see my OB/GYN Thursday. Any of you have had the same experience??? Thanks!

    • my mom had issues really early on like menopause, but it was was early, like you. She is only 47 now and ended up needing to have a full historectomy (sp) at age 41 after months and months of doctors not knowing what was causing the spotting and missed periods etc. Oh and she also had her tubes tied when she was 23. (yeah, my mom was young when she had me 19)

      I am not trying to scare you, but I also had a friend who was 24 when she was having problems, but hers wouldn’t stop coming and she went to multiple doctors and finally one found that she had a tumor in her uterus.

      Its definitely not something you want to put off, and if you don’t get an answer from the 1st doctor get a secnd opinion, or even a 3rd. My friend went to 4 docs and the last one said, I cannot believe the others didn’t see this.

      Good luck, it may be nothing, but better safe than sorry.

  9. What is the longest time that your body can go without making hcg if your pregnant?
    I had my tubes tied 6 wks after my son was born, which was a little over 2 yrs ago. Ever since then I get a burning feeling in the left side of my stomach when my cycle is about to come along with some occassional brown blood. I have a cycle every 22 to 24 days from the last day of my last period. I should have started my cycle on the 25 to 27 of this month. I have not started yet, have had no signs of a cycle coming and the pregnancy tests that i took say negative. Could there be a chance that its still to early to detect the HCG levels? Could I be pregnant and if not what is causing it to be late, Im never late? Please help

    • hi
      if Ur hcg test u have made is by Urine testing this need about 14 days after suspected day of cycle to be positive if pregnancy present u need to make a b-serum hcg and contact ur doctor immediately even if u do not do the test

  10. can a woman still get pregnant 3yrs after having a tubiligation?
    i am 28 yrs old and had a tubiligation 3 yrs ago, but my period has not come for this month is about 3 weeks late and i am showing typical signs of pregnancy such as breast tenderness, nausia, headaches irritability…ect… but a home test shows negative for pregnancy…what could be happening?

    • If it was temporary tubal ligation which means the tube was only tied (rarely done) the tie could have been removed and one will get pregnant. If it is total bilateral (two tubes) ligation (tubes has been cut) then pregnancy could not be happening but there was a reported case of a ligated woman who got pregnancy outside the uterus but not tubal (ectopic) but such case happens extremely rare. If you are pregnant at weeks,it is most likely to give a result but do blood test for pregnancy as it could detect early pregnancy beter. The signs you are feeling does not necessarily mean pregnancy as they could be premenstrual symptoms as well.There might be hormonal disturbances causing delayed periods resulting to such symptoms. If your situation really bothering you then go to see an obstetrician.

  11. Im 33 years old my baby is 4 years old and for about a week I have been having serious pergo symptoms gas sensitively to smell gagging tired craving morning sickness tender breast all this has been going on for a week and it was my first time having unprotected sex iam clueless about all of this!!!!

  12. I’m scared Idk what to do had a tubal Jan 2013 had 2 periods Dec 2013 went to Dr bc I’m now having signs of pregnancy sore breasts aerolas are brown nausea missed period so far n I tell my Dr n they think I’m crazy bc I had a tubal BTW burnt tubes Idk what to do helppp plz

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