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  1. what are the chances of a 43 year old conceiving twins via ivf?
    me and my wife are planning to have another baby and have decided to go down the ivf route to succeed quicker ,were just wondering what are the chances of a 43 year old woman conceiving twins via ivf
    we have twin boys 17 and a 10 year old boy
    also would it happen quciker if we used younger more fertile donor sperm

    • JM:

      We are in the midst of investigating this process at the moment – so I will share what I know…
      Have you already checked our IVF? Yes, there is a high probability that you would have twins through IVF. It also depends on how many eggs you decided to implant. Most women put back in up to 5 hoping that at least two will take – but you could have 5 that take as well. At 43 years of age – it may not be healthy or wise for your wife to carry 5 babies… so I would think about this.

      IVF is a process that takes time. Your wife will have to give herself shots/or pills up to 2 times a day and then wait to have her eggs harvested. You then have to give a sperm sample and the fertilized eggs has to grow a couple of days before it would be implanted back into your wife. You then have to wait to see if it takes. Sometimes the first one takes, other times not. At 43 years of age, there is a possibility that your wife could suffer some miscarriages before she has another child or two.

      Using a sperm donor does not quicken the process. If you are looking for a faster more sure way to get pregnant – an egg donor might be your best option. Some of the issues in achieving pregnancy when you are an older women (any women over 35 is considered older in the fertility world) are the age of her eggs. Older eggs take longer to be fertilized, they have a higher risk of birth defects – so choosing the egg of a 21-25 year old female – decreases almost all of these side effects and risks. The success rates and percentage of embryo transfers having live births from a donor egg who is 21-25 years of age are 74%. Versus using the egg of a 40+ year old women is 40%.

      Hope this is helpful information!
      Good luck to you both

  2. Is there ways of conceiving specific types of babies?
    Such as twins, boys, girls. Is the ways to push towards these that actually work?

    • Not with 100% accuracy. There is a theory is that boy sperm swim faster but don’t live as long so if you want a boy you should have sex every other day up until ovulation. If you want a girl, you should have sex every other day in the week before ovulation and stop 3 days before you actually ovulate. It’s not an exact science either way, but it is interesting. There is even a book about it called “How to Choose the Sex of your Baby” and you can get it on Amazon.

      If you want twins, you might have to try a drug methood like Clomid. The rate of twins when taking it sky rockets, so you’d have a higher chance, but again, no exact science. Good luck!

  3. If there are ways to ensure you av a boy/girl, is there a way to have twins/triplets/etc…?
    I’ve heard of many many ways to ensure having a baby boy or baby girl. My question is , however, do doctors have ways to conceive twins, triplets, etc…?

    Anyone ever heard?

    Just wondering, randomly..

    • Yeah Invitro. Just go in and tell the dr you want 5 eggs implanted in you and you may have twins/trips.

  4. Is it true that on heterosexual twins, the male twin is infertile?
    There is this notion that if a woman conceive a heterosexual twin (a baby boy and girl), the boy or male twin is infertile. How true is this?

    • Ok, there are so many things wrong with that statement I don’t know where to begin.

      1. A baby boy and a baby girl are NOT heterosexual twins. They are simply referred to as dizygotic twins with opposite sex. Heterosexual refers to the sexual preference of the person, which wont be known until s/he is an adult.

      2. Where did you hear that a male twin is infertile? That is completely false. Lots of twins have gone on to make healthy babies.

  5. Is there a way to increase chances of having twins?
    I have a gorgeous baby boy who is nearly 5 months and my husband and I only wanted one baby next preferably a girl but now I really want twins. Twins dont run in my family or my husbands so I was wondering if there was anything we could do to increase chances of having twins?

    • 1 First, understand the two types of twins that can occur: monozygotic (identical), and dizygotic (fraternal). Identical twins arise when a fertilized egg splits into tow identical embryos. Fraternal twins arise from two separate eggs being fertilized by two different sperm.

      It is easier to engineer the conception of fraternal twins, than the conception of identical twins.

      2 To increase your chances of having twins or triplets, you must first increase your chances of having a baby at all. This means taking folic acid every day, starting several months before you think about conceiving. Putting on more weight, quitting alcohol and tobacco, and consuming more dairy will also help you get pregnant.

      3 Start eating foods that will encourage your ovaries to release more eggs during the ovulation cycle. For example, yams have compounds that over-stimulate the ovaries, and women who eat them regularly before trying to conceive have a higher rate of conceiving fraternal twins and triplets.

      Foods that encourage progesterone production, such as walnuts, whole grains, eggs, and chicken, can also help you conceive multiples.

      4 Try to conceive when you are older. Between the ages of 20 and 30, a woman has a 3% chance of naturally conceiving multiples. But between the ages of 30 and 40, that rate jumps to 6% for naturally conceived twins and triplets.

      Note that these are figures for naturally conceived twins and triplets. Among older women, the rates of artificially induced multiples is much higher.

      5 Know that your chances of conceiving twins increases as you have more children. This is true not only because of the laws of probability, but also because having a child makes you gain weight. This extra body weight encourages twins.

      6 Try to conceive shortly after you stop taking hormonal birth control. This is not a surefire method of having twins, but in a small percentage of women, the ovaries start releasing more eggs when birth control is stopped, which in turn increases the chances of fraternal twins.

      (Most women actually experience a brief period of infertility when they stop taking the pill.)

      7 Understand that none of these tricks are foolproof, and they won’t help everyone conceive triplets or twins. Genetics is the biggest factor in whether or not you have multiples, but changing external factors can tip the scales in your direction

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